How do I find my ring size?

The absolute BEST ways to find your size is to either go to a walmart jewelry counter which can size you 24/7 or a Jewelry store and get them to figure out your ring size. Most places will not charge you to do this and it takes all of 30 seconds.

Another way to do  it is with a ruler and a strip of paper is also takes about 30 seconds, here are instructions on how to do that.


Things You’ll Need

  • Ruler
  • Thin strip of paper
  1. Cut a thin strip of paper
  2. Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.
  3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.
  4. Use the following chart to determine your ring size. Rings also come in half sizes, the measurements of which, of course, will fall somewhere in between the whole sizes.

*Make sure strip of paper is good and snug on finger otherwise ring will slide right off.

Ring Sizes:

Size 4: 1 13/16 inches          Size 5: 1 15/16 inches

Size 6: 2 1/16 inches            Size 7: 2 1/8 inches

Size 8: 2 1/4 inches              Size 9: 2 5/16 inches

Size 10: 2 7/16 inches          Size 11: 2 9/16 inches

Size 12: 2 5/8 inches            Size 13: 2 3/4 inches

Size 14: 2 7/8 inches            Size 14.5:  3 inches

Isn't doing this illegal?

No, absolutely not!

Please visit the US mint website for details:

It is completely legal to use coins for this purpose. Have you ever been to a theme park and used a penny press Souvenir machine? The same rules apply!

Here is a quote directly from the U.S. Mint website.

“Can I make jewelry from U.S. coins?

Yes, but your business should be careful not to imply any endorsement by or association with the United States Mint in its advertising and marketing materials.”

Do I send you a coin or do you supply them?

Normally we supply the coin, but we love to take on customers that have a coin that means something to them and would like to have it made into a ring! We also love to bring on custom jobs with challenge coins that our customers send us…So the answer is BOTH! There are some circumstances that the customer sends us a specific coin, but for normal orders we will supply them!

Do you make them yourself?

Yes! Each coin ring is custom made for you by hand on our premises! We take great pride in our superior craftsmanship and quality of our product and are honored to be called the “official” coin ring company!

What is the turnaround time?

Turn around time is typically around 5 business days which means you should have your ring a week from your order date, but can vary because each one is custom made. Sometimes when we are busy, turnaround time can be up to 10-14 business days for delivery depending on how many orders are in the queue.

What if I order the wrong size ring?

Not a problem! Send it back to have it resized for FREE through our customer guarantee!

Can I order now and get you my ring size later?

Yes, Absolutely! We are here for our customers and want to make the buying process as easy for you as possible! We have actually found that if a customer doesn’t know their ring size, and they order anyway, they are usually a little bit quicker about going to get their finger sized since they have already paid!

Custom Orders?

Please contact us for custom orders. Specific dates, Countries, ect… We love custom projects and can make a ring from virtually any coin!

All items are handcrafted to order and are considered “custom,” which means that items ordered may NOT be returned or cancelled for any reason unless there is something severely wrong with the ring, then it can be exchanged.

Items are made to order, therefore, a processing time is required prior to shipping items out. Once your order is placed, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to have your ring made, shipped, and on its way to you. (Production times are based on current orders and can change at any time, but we are more than happy to communicate with you on your order status if you have any questions!

In some cases, tracking might not be accurately updated. USPS policy states that packages that are not at least 3/4″ thick are not required to be scanned for updates. This means that your package may not be scanned for updates at each stop, so it may appear to have not moved for several days. Please be patient, and allow time for it to be delivered. If you experience an issue with the tracking, please contact USPS, it is the customer’s responsibility to track and contact USPS for further updates.

All items are shipped via USPS.

PLEASE be sure you have asked any questions you may have about the item BEFORE completing your purchase.

Let Freedom RINGS does not accept any cancellations, refunds, or returns. No exceptions.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and will do what it takes to make you happy, so we offer FREE resizing on all orders!

Do they come with a guarantee?

YES! All of our rings come with a LIFETIME of FREE resizing! This means you can give it as a gift regardless of if you know their ring size or not, because they can send it back in and have it resized to fit them for FREE!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is only $2.99 for the CONUS and varies for worldwide shipping, if you are from outside of the U.S. please contact us for a reasonable quote on shipping!

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns unless there is something VERY wrong with the ring, but we will always do what we can to fix any issue. We have an exchange policy, so if you are not happy with your ring for any reason you can always exchange it or send it in to have any issues fixed free of charge!

Have a Question?

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